Daniel Marekoff – Green Apple Podcast Proton Radio

This plain-looking Bulgarian boy, living under communism until the age of 11. From the beginning, music and sounds leaked into his blood: at the age of 5, finding the magnetophon of his parents, he started to touch and twiddle it, experimenting the
diverse effects of the machine. Then life and time continued their jobs. Although under communism, the experimentalist grew up while enriching his soul of Disco, Synth-Pop, Hip-Hop and finally entered into Electronic Music and rave culture at the start of democracy. As a young DJ, one suitcase of cassettes and an audio system were his first tools at countless underground parties. After starting in
1998 his professional career, he’s then been playing in the major clubs of Bulgaria (Yalta, Comics, Viper Rooms, Mascara, Culture Beat). His sound is distinguished by a broad variety of musical styles, from melodic techno and deep house to fine electro. It’s difficult to categorize him within one particular genre, as Daniel is filled of a rich musical background and a passion for new musical emotions.

You can download the mix at: http://www.zshare.net/audio/88010389975da2d0/